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Created in 2007, the SANTINOV Laboratories were born for the needs of bariatric surgeons who wanted to cover their patients’ nutritional deficiencies after bariatric surgical procedures. Since then, they have specialised in the development of technical food supplements that respond to specific needs.

Unlike major food supplement manufacturers, we develop specifically-targeted products and seek to design the most comprehensive products. Everything we do is guided by the research of the product’s efficiency, not by the product marketing. This efficiency is our best-selling point.


Food supplements that deliver on what they promise

  • The SANTINOV food supplement range has been developed in collaboration with target market specialists. It is also inspired by the extensive collection of food supplements that already exists.
  • This bibliographic research allows us access to different studies that have been carried out worldwide so we can benefit from a wider range of experience.
  • The developed products are as comprehensive as possible but are only created with ingredients that have been proven to effectively counter the relevant problems.

Work on the absorption and tolerance of vitamins, minerals and oligo-elements

  • These ingredients are chosen for their high quality and bioavailability in a way that ensures a good level of absorption.
  • In-depth research is carried out on the ingredients’ measurements so that they have the optimum effect.
  • A great deal of work goes into researching the synergy between the ingredients to improve their absorption into the body.

The two areas of focus are bariatric surgery and microbiota

The SANTINOV laboratories are not looking to aim their research at a wide target audience. Instead, they design products that are effective in responding to specific needs.

So far, their 2 main areas of focus have been post-bariatric surgery and microbiota.

Below is what you will see in these two areas:


  • The Surgiline range: a dual vitamin and mineral supplement + 300mg of magnesium.
  • Fortiline: a protein powder with a neutral taste and a high level of solubility that’s adapted to be easily digested with meals.


  • Hely-Cut : a prebiotic cranberry zinc complex.

Products that are readily available

  • To make access to these products easy, SANTINOV offers their products in individual amounts, in batch, or by subscription.
  • They’re available in pharmacies, online or can be ordered over the telephone.

Santinov, a team that cares

  • Availability
  • Attentiveness
  • Looking for solutions
  • The SANTINOV team are at your disposal

Food supplements should be taken as part of a varied and balanced diet, healthy lifestyle and kept out of reach of children. Those who are under medical supervision, pregnant or breastfeeding should ask their doctor’s advice before taking a food supplement. Users are advised to keep to the recommended daily dosage. Stay physically active for your health and wellbeing. www.mangerbouger.fr